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3 Steps to Sales and Marketing Alignment

6 February 2017 smashdeck Comments Off on 3 Steps to Sales and Marketing Alignment Sales Growth

I have a unique perspective about sales and marketing alignment having worked on both sides of the table. Sales perspective is that marketing isn’t working hard enough to fill their pipeline and marketing thinks sales is lazy. It’s true. Just ask about any salesperson or marketer and they will tell you the same. Instead of living […]

Important Metrics in Google Analytics

6 February 2017 Christina Hall 427 Comments Websites

Google Analytics is a smart tool for measuring your online performance. Here are some key metrics you should look at on a regular basis: Number of sessions A session is a group of interactions a user takes within a given time frame. Google defines this time frame as 30 minutes. A Unique Visitor = New […]

How often should I send an email newsletter?

6 February 2017 smashdeck 18 Comments Uncategorized

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with your current customers while also providing new contacts and leads. They can help you establish credibility and offer insight into your particular field. Done well, your contacts are likely to forward the information to their contacts and create leads for you organically. The problem […]

5 Statistics That Prove You Need to be Marketing on Twitter

6 February 2017 smashdeck Comments Off on 5 Statistics That Prove You Need to be Marketing on Twitter Uncategorized

Social media marketing is the great equalizer – it allows smaller companies to compete on relatively equal footing as larger companies to reach their target audience. Not to mention that by using social media, you can directly communicate and engage with your audience, which is a great way to build a relationship with consumers, thereby […]

The Evolution of an Inbound Marketing Program

7 January 2017 Christina Hall Comments Off on The Evolution of an Inbound Marketing Program Inbound Marketing

Many companies that are new to inbound marketing are going to struggle at first. This is completely normal and this is where most companies quit mind you. Putting in place an inbound marketing program is tough, almost as tough as cold calling (hint, hint). To understand the evolution of an inbound marketing program, I break […]

3 tips on selling your new product or service to hospitals

11 June 2016 Christina Hall Leave a comment Sales Growth

I have had many conversations with startups over the years about selling to hospitals. As a startup it’s your job is to choose a go-to-market strategy and that strategy may include selling to hospitals. I get it. Hospitals are attractive because they have volume potential. If you are selling a product that a patient needs, […]

Thinking of Creating a Separate Website for Content? Don’t.

6 June 2015 Christina Hall 1 Comment Content Marketing

Some brands like Thermo Fisher Scientific ( and Medtronic ( have developed independent content websites apart from their corporate website. Why? Because community platforms that are branded as a separate content website are a sure fire way to drive user engagement in an unbiased manner. For big-budget brands with tons of content, this makes sense. […]