3 Content Marketing Myths for Startups

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11 March 2015 smashdeck Leave a comment Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a great method to get your product or service found at a low cost of acquisition. A low cost of acquisition is the kicker for a winning marketing strategy in the early days. Most companies will find its first customers through traditional outbound sales and direct marketing. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to speak with customers (directly) about your product and service. Direct marketing coupled with the right amount of content marketing, is a surefire way to launch a successful marketing program.

MYTH #1 – I need a big budget for content marketing

Says who? You only need time and effort. There are many low costs ways to produce great content. And those who are in the best position to produce content are the founders and key influencers within the organization. Lucky you, because its unlikely you have the funds to hire out, even if you wanted to.

All startups should have a blog. It’s completely unacceptable to not have one. Considering that 70 percent of the buyer’s journey happens before a potential customer ever contacts sales, it’s more than worth your time to invest 1-2 hours a week at minimum writing 1-2 blog posts. Even if you don’t post every week, you will start to fill your content marketing queue over time – which is the key to success. The more you blog, the more creative you’ll become and you’ll start generating new and better ways to market your business.

MYTH #2 – It takes too long for my content marketing to pay-off

Wrong. It’s true that a true content marketing plan will start to gain traction over a 3-6 month period, depending on where you start. However, you’ll notice the difference immediately in web traffic. That is, if you are promoting your content. Promoting your product or service is a daily effort. So is content. Promote your content to your users where they are, everyday, over and over again. In a week, you’ll have more website traffic than you did before you started writing. Guaranteed.

MYTH #3 – It takes too much time

Read Myth 1 and Myth 2 again, please. It’s too time consuming, only if you think it is. Change is difficult. Direct marketing is so well, intuitive. The minute you stop running your ad unit is the minute that ad stops producing for you. Makes sense. Content marketing, on the other hand, is evergreen. So although you’ll face a learning curve when you get started, the initial time you invest will have a positive ROI for years to come. And don’t get me started on repurposing content. Turn a blog series into a video series. Find new ways to engage your audience from past topics. Content marketing for a startup is small steps repeated consistently. This is the key to marketing success.

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