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What you can do to make sure hospital buyers find you 

27 April 2015 Christina Hall 5,386 Comments Healthcare, Sales Growth

A company that sells into hospitals and healthcare systems understand complex sales transactions. Hospital buyers and supply chain executives are always looking for cost saving opportunities. However, new product initiatives are time consuming to implement because of multiple decision makers and committee approvals.

Consider the perspective of the modern healthcare supply chain executive who is tasked with sourcing innovative products while also finding cost saving solutions. If he or she is looking for a new vendor, a capital asset, or a multi-department purchase, then research is inevitable. One role of marketing is to help these decision makers find you.

So what can you do?

Make sure your testimonials and case studies stand out

Testimonials and case studies are one of the more important marketing assets a company can have. Prospects love to see prior success because it means you understand their problem and can provide a solution.

Create helpful blog content

A blog article can be no different than a salesperson talking to a prospect or sending a prospect an email. The difference is that content lives on the web, and can be searched. Can you afford not to be found online?

Arm the sales team with content that supports the unique selling points of the product or the brand proposition of the company

I am not just talking about a product brochure that lists features and benefits but advanced content, such as white papers or guides that speak to multiple buyer personas and can actually influence a purchase.

Clinicians need different information than a purchasing manager does to make a buying decision.

Sometimes the sales conversation stalls if there is no additional information a sales representative can provide to help the prospect move forward. I wrote about this recently in another post.

Content can be used to help a company get found in search and it can also be used to facilitate a sales transaction.

We all make decisions based on the information we read, hear and see. Hospital and health system executives are no different.


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