Essential Sales Process for Startups – Submission

You’re in!

Watch the full recording here:

If you’d like to learn about the programs we have for startup founders, let us know below. We will send over pricing and details for our fast-start program, which gives you everything you need to run our process in-house.

What you get:

  • Initial contact list of 1k based on buyer research
  • Customized sales plan for your business
  • Expertly crafted email sequence (8 to 12 emails)
  • Tech stack guidance and webhook implementation for your Slack
  • 30 day phone support and exclusive Slack channel for Founders
“This program was really helpful to our organization. We are laying the foundation for building an inside sales team, and the insights provided by Smashdeck helped to accelerate that. Our team is excited to implement the process they laid out, and we can already see the benefits it could have in driving new revenue.”