Fast-Start ABM Pilot

Kickstart ABM in weeks not months.

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We’ll create an initial contact list of 1000 companies. We’ll help you pick the best ABM targets for your organization.
We’ll then launch an outbound call campaign to capture completed profile information for at least 250 of these companies.

Complete profiles include:

  • Competitor – we’ll isolate purchase history and pain points.
  • Technology Environment – are they investing, when, what is their budget, etc.
  • Purchase Intent – are prospects buying, is there intent to purchase in 6-12 months.
  • Trigger Events: what are the challenges causing them to consider new solutions.

We’ll have the Discovery calls to determine where you should spend your sales and marketing resources.

We will identify at least 100 ABM targets to focus your ABM marketing efforts. Whether your ABM approach is 1:1 or 1:many the more focused your ABM marketing the better the results.
Based on the insights we found in Step 2 we’ll book sales meetings for your team. On average you can expect 20+ high quality sales meetings from our efforts. What’s more your team will be better equipped to deliver a high quality sales call based on the insights we identify.
“Smashdeck did a great job laying out ABM and how we can approach things in Q1 with a best in class tech stack. It brought our sales & marketing teams together and we are excited to use this as a foundation to achieve our growth goals in 2019!”

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