Helping a Billing and Automations Startup Add Millions in Sales Opportunities

Ordway Case Study

The Smashdeck team works with Ordway to set sales meetings for their team. Ordway is a fast-growing SaaS company that provides a billing and revenue automation platform to scaling companies with complex pricing and terms. Millions in new sales opportunities generated.

Smashdeck has been able to secure notable meetings for Ordway with mid-sized companies all the way up to enterprise-sized organizations with $100M+ million in funding.


The Customer

Headquarters: Washington, DC
# of employees: 19
Industry: Software/Finance
Sells to: SMB, Finance and Operations

Ordway is a technology company based out of Washington DC. With numerous awards under its belt such as a 2018-2019 Cloud Awards Finalist for Best Payment, Finance or Billing Solution, they are quickly become a dominant player in the space.

The Challenge

As a venture-funded company Ordway wanted to augment and scale its outbound sales engine without adding unnecessary overhead too soon. With a large commercial market, it was important for them to test new markets efficiently and scale up what was working.

Their Head of Marketing, Eren Koont, decided to outsource a portion of the top of funnel sales process to Smashdeck so the internal team could focus on nurturing and closing new business. To do that, he needed to source a partner that was self-contained and was able to ramp up quickly.

The Solution

Smashdeck came on board and almost immediately created a process to scale outreach within multiple markets and categories. Ordway has a large potential customer base so it was important to identify best fit customers, reach out to develop a human-to-human connection, and nurture those interactions to appointments scheduled.

“In addition to providing almost immediate pipeline value, the lead quality was good, and became increasingly better over time. From a partnership perspective this is exactly what we were looking for.”

-Eren Koont, Head of Marketing


Ordway now has a steady flow of new sales meetings each week with finance leaders at companies with 50 to 500+ employees. This has created massive pipeline opportunity and also solidified the foundation for future sales process. Smashdeck’s ability to surge resources when needed gave Ordway a great alternative to hiring FTEs.

Pipeline Generated


Market validation

Identified key customer segments

The Result

“Smashdeck was able to ramp up quickly to identify potential pools of key customers. We worked collaboratively to develop messaging and an outreach process to set net new sales meetings for our team. The trust we developed with their team ultimately led to Millions in new sales opportunities to date.”

-Eren Koont, Head of Marketing

Millions in new sales opportunities have been generated as part of the engagement with Smashdeck. In addition to playing a key role accelerating Ordway’s pipeline development, the Smashdeck team has been able to identify key customer segments that have helped to fuel growth.