Pricing New

Monthly Pricing

$7k a month $12k a month
Est. Meetings / Quarter 8-12 12-24
Email Outreach x x
Cold Calling x
Weekly Strategy Meetings x x
Custom List Building x x
Reporting x x
CRM Activity Syncing x

More Sales Today

When you hire us you are getting an entire team of professionals including sales development reps, campaign
specialists, and human researchers. We use the best sales tech and a proven process to maximize your results every time

Cost of Hiring Internally

Smashdeck 1 SDR
$7k a month $12k+ a month
Salary x $4-$5k a month
Commission x $1-$3k a month
Benefits x $500 to $1k a month
Management x $500 to $1k a month
Data Resources x $1k to $2k a month
Tools x $500 to $1k a month
Ramp Time 14 Days 3-6 months

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