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3 Steps to Sales and Marketing Alignment

6 February 2017 smashdeck Comments Off on 3 Steps to Sales and Marketing Alignment Sales Growth

I have a unique perspective about sales and marketing alignment having worked on both sides of the table. Sales perspective is that marketing isn’t working hard enough to fill their pipeline and marketing thinks sales is lazy. It’s true. Just ask about any salesperson or marketer and they will tell you the same. Instead of living […]

3 tips on selling your new product or service to hospitals

11 June 2016 Christina Hall Leave a comment Sales Growth

I have had many conversations with startups over the years about selling to hospitals. As a startup it’s your job is to choose a go-to-market strategy and that strategy may include selling to hospitals. I get it. Hospitals are attractive because they have volume potential. If you are selling a product that a patient needs, […]

Bye-Bye Traditional Sales Organizations

7 May 2015 Christina Hall Leave a comment Sales Growth

This post had to be written. The role of sales will never perish. However, the role of traditional selling will. Companies need sales people as much as they need a product or service. Sales is embedded into a company’s framework from day 1. Sometimes – a lot of times, it’s the founders doing sales and […]

What you can do to make sure hospital buyers find you 

27 April 2015 Christina Hall 5,366 Comments Healthcare, Sales Growth

A company that sells into hospitals and healthcare systems understand complex sales transactions. Hospital buyers and supply chain executives are always looking for cost saving opportunities. However, new product initiatives are time consuming to implement because of multiple decision makers and committee approvals. Consider the perspective of the modern healthcare supply chain executive who is […]

The “Hey just checking in” Sales Call

9 April 2015 smashdeck 3,721 Comments Sales Growth

You know the story. Jake is a sales rep looking to sell his medical disposable product to Jan, the Purchasing Manager for a local hospital. Jake calls Jan every other week to say, “Hey just checking in.” What he’s really saying is “I know you haven’t made a decision yet on whether to purchase our […]