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Important Metrics in Google Analytics

6 February 2017 Christina Hall 422 Comments Websites

Google Analytics is a smart tool for measuring your online performance. Here are some key metrics you should look at on a regular basis: Number of sessions A session is a group of interactions a user takes within a given time frame. Google defines this time frame as 30 minutes. A Unique Visitor = New […]

Why a Sitemap Should be the Foundation of Your Website

23 March 2015 smashdeck 3,851 Comments Websites

As a designer, I like to help companies begin with the right approach to building a website. Often a designer will create a wireframe or a mockup of a website to show to a client before they have even mapped out their concept or idea.  This is where a Sitemap comes in handy. A Sitemap […]

3 Ways to Create A Dynamic Website for Marketing

23 March 2015 smashdeck 4,886 Comments Websites

There is so much effort that goes into a digital marketing campaign that when it comes time to ‘pull the trigger,’ if your website or landing page is not optimized, all of the effort could be wasted. This is why you need a website for marketing. I have run paid advertising campaigns that cost anywhere […]